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Lumital ™

Lumital ™ - Outdoor Lighting


Whatever project you design, lighting fixtures should not be chosen solely on the basis of their illumination characteristics. A positive first impression is crucial, which is why the quality of the finish is so important. Philips Lumec’s ongoing product improvement program has led to the development of a complete surface finish system for exterior applications: the Lumital™ process.

The Lumital™ textured finish consists of a specially formulated thermosetting polyester resin based powder coating that integrates hardening agents, pigments and modifying agents. The finish is applied to a well prepared surface utilizing our state of the art surface treatment and finishing system.

The Lumital™ finish has enhanced resistance to ultraviolet rays, salt spray corrosion and extreme weather conditions. Our products meet both the ASTM B1 and ASTM D2247 68 standards.