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Solar Solution

Decorative Outdoor Lighting


Powered by the Sun. / Our solar-powered solution can be installed anywhere, requiring no wires, no trenches or no additional transformers. The installation causes virtually no site disruption. It is ideal for off-grid installations, remote locations, locations with failing/overloaded power infrastructure, LEED buildings or environmentally sensitive areas. Coupled with our LED luminaires, available in a wide array of styles, you can expect steadfast performance each and every day, anywhere and anytime.


Maximum power tracking. / With our Solar Powered luminaires, you get the most out of your PV array by using MPT (Maximum Power Tracking). The SO-Bright® micro-processor tracks the power production of the solar module and adjusts it to meet the needs of the battery. The net result is up to 30% more energy collection for a given module.


A flexible solution you can count on. / The Solar Solution comes already configured and optimized for your geographic location, able to withstand the harshest conditions. And with the push of a button on your remote control, you can adjust lighting profiles for unforeseen shading conditions, provide lighting for special events, accommodate new preferences or adjust your lighting profile for a new location.

Technical Information

For more information, please download the Technical Specifications below.



  • A bold statement for any city or organization going green
  • Reduced ecological footprint
  • Installation causes minimum site disruption
  • Designed for extreme weather conditions
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Self-sufficient, autonomous, and grid-independent
  • Highly reliable, even in low-sun environments