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Light Down a Quarry - Outdoor Lighting

Quarry Bluff Development
Utica, Indiana

Agent: One Source Lighting, Rob Emery
Distributor: Energy Tech 21, Chris Kanemitsu
Lumec Product: S56-100MH on 14' R80A poles

This unique project features upscale homes built in and around the site of a quarry, some on the shores of a lake in the bottom of the quarry. The glass globe, sealed optics and limited uplight of the Serenade DSX made it the perfect solution for this site.

The first phase of the product included 14 assemblies, which will be followed by an additional 15-20 units to finish out the project. The site was originally part of a U.S. Army ammunition depot. The depot was decommissioned and sold off to private developers. This portion of the property was a stone quarry that was around 200 feet deep. When the project is completed, there will be two lakes totalling approximately 17 acres of water.

The developer blasted rock off the walls of the quarry to create a stone fill upon which the new homes are built. The development is accessed via an old road dropped into the quarry on one end of the pit, and the other side is accessed by a cut in the wall of the quarry. The plans are to bring around 100 homes to the site over the next two years, with ten currently under construction.

Rob Emery of One Source lighting made this project a success. Chris Kanemitsu of Energy Tech 21 was instrumental in working with the developer to coordinate the details.

Thank you for a job well done!