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Corona dos lagos - Outdoor Lighting

Corona, California

The Shops at Dos Lagos may look like the latest trendy Southern California shopping center as you pass on the 15 freeway, but if you take the time to stop you’ll be in for a treat. The upscale retail center is an excellent example of one of the latest trends in shopping and entertainment centers. Beyond an open-air mall, Dos Lagos blends the convenience of the automobile with the pedestrian friendly feeling you get in a quaint downtown.

The main shopping area of Dos Lagos is illuminated by Lumec’s OT10 luminaires using SCB3M optics. Combined with accessory outlets and banner arms, the Lumec provide an aesthetically pleasing, yet functional lighting job. Major driveway entrances also utilize the OT10, and the roundabouts sport twin head units on CRA arms. The parking areas around the complex are faithfully lit with Gardco Gullwings.

Dos Lagos features restaurants, a 15-screen theater megaplex and some of the hottest stores including Banana Republic and Victoria’s Secret to go along with the hot climate in the area. Temperatures in the Corona area frequently top 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, so much of the shopping area is equipped with misting equipment to keep shoppers cool. The mist presents little challenge to the finish of the Lumec fixtures, as Lumec’s rigorous testing has proven time and again, but it serves to make the daytime experience of shopping at Dos Lagos more bearable.

Dos Lagos is primed for future expansion with room to grow on either side of the complex. It’s situated in the fast growing southern end of Corona which continues to be a hotbed of new development. So as Dos Lagos grows, so will the spirit of Corona’s new “downtown” in the suburbs. If you find yourself in Corona it’s well worth the trip to see how this new concept of retail development is put into practice. And when you arrive, you’ll find that Lumec is the icing on the cake.