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Cap Cana - Outdoor Lighting

CAP CANA, Dominican Republic
The perfect showroom under the sun

Agent: Genlyte Mexico
Distributor: Sonolec, Alejandra Debes
Lumec Représentative: Alejandra Albrandt
Collaboration: EDC Export development of Canada
Lumec Products:

> Callisto Series: CAL61; CAL62; CALW; CALB1
> Transit Series: TN20 / TN10
> Citéa Series: CTM
> Candela Series: CANDB2
> Oval Series: OV2

Cap Cana; a blissful paradise just on the eastern tip of the Dominican Republic; has become the perfect Lumec showroom under the sun with over 490 lighting fixtures and 182 bollards installed.

This magnificent and luxurious destination resort provides a great opportunity for Lumec to increase its notoriety among lighting specifiers in the area. This project features the Citea Series on main roads, while the secondary roads are accented by luminaries from the Callisto Series. Parking areas sport an increased feeling of security, illuminated by luminaries from the Transit Series. Bollards light the paths around the parking lots at the golf courses.

With phase one of the Cap Cana project barely finished, investments have topped $1.8 million CAN in Lumec products, a second $1.2 million CAN order has already been approved for the next phase. This order includes 427 Citea and 110 Transit luminaires to be shipped in January and February 2007.

This entire business initiative would not have been possible without the dedicated efforts of Genlyte Mexico, Alejandra Debes of Sonolec and the essential collaboration of the EDC (Export development of Canada). and Alejandra Albrandt from Lumec who coordinated the project brilliantly.

Also, many thanks to all of you near and far that have contributed to bring to life this magnificent showroom under the sun!

* Stay on the lookout for Installation pictures of Lumec products at Cap Cana, which will be appearing on this web page throughout 2007.