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Calgary / OV2 - Outdoor Lighting

Calgary, Canada

Calgary is best described as the “heart of the new west”. A metropolitan city of more than a million people located one hour east of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. For some years now, Calgary’s booming economy has been substantially influencing the Canadian economic performance in a positive way. The mainstays of Alberta’s economy are the oil and gas sectors (the famous oil sands) and we also have thriving tech and manufacturing sectors.

As the host of the 1988 winter Olympic games, Calgary has developed an inner city area across from the historic city hall area designated as the Olympic Plaza. This plaza serves as a gathering spot for many city functions: new years eve, Christmas, festivals, etc. It also serves as a water feature in the summer and as a skating rink in winter. The Olympic Plaza is flanked by an 8 block pedestrian walking mall called ‘The Stephen Avenue Mall’ as well as the Calgary performing arts theatre and the Glenbow Museum.

The first Lumec products to come into the area as part of a downtown beautification program were some glorious historical custom replications that were installed in the early 1990’s. The wonderful aesthetic features still line all 8 blocks of Stephen Avenue Mall and look fantastic to this day.

In early 2006 we were approached by the City of Calgary, along with Enmax, the City’s preferred contractor, to come up with a new lighting scenario for the Olympic Plaza and for the adjacent main road. After some negotiations, they decided on the L71 luminaires because of their historical aesthetic. Once the decision was made, all the existing luminaries that were placed there before the Olympic games in 1988 were replaced by the L71’s. The City of Calgary was extremely happy with the final product. The result of this project made the L71 standard for all city parks, and we have supplied many more L71’s in the last two years to beautify and add security to several of Calgary’s many green spaces.

In early 2007 we were presented with another challenge for the Olympic Plaza/Stephen Avenue Mall location: between the actual water feature’s main podium area and the entrances to the Theatre Calgary buildings. Again, there was already existing lighting installed there on a circular concrete foundation. Essentially, imagine a concrete cheerio with poles on top of it and a planter in the middle.

The request was to add something more contemporary to the area and be able to use the existing foundations and anchor rods. After many meetings (and some custom engineering on Candela’s part) they decided on the Lumec OVAL OV2 series of light columns in three different sizes on each concrete location. This offset created a unique look with its 3 columns of different height. Candela provided custom made transition plates as well as custom basecovers in order to be able to attach the old existing bolt circle pattern to the new Lumec baseplate.

The entire project had an extremely tight deadline and we were all on the fast track trying to meet it. Our mayor wanted the project completed by the spring of 2007: in time for the Canadian Mayor’s convention and trade show. As part of the event, our mayor had scheduled a “Mayor’s walk”. He would escort, on foot, the mayors of all the other major Canadian municipalities through the Olympic Plaza/Stephen Avenue Mall location and through some of the other areas of the downtown core.

Everything went off without a hitch. Lumec and Candela performed as they usually do: spectacularly. Together we made the mayor’s dream a reality. Together we provided the downtown core with a much-needed contemporary feature to give it that “heart of the new west” cosmopolitan feel that is so deserves.

We feel proud to be able to contribute to our wonderful city in this way. And it goes without saying that we refer to this fantastic project, with it’s custom historical new L71’s and OV2’s, as one of the finest Lumec jobs in the Candela Portfolio.