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Decorative Outdoor Lighting


Simplicity is changing our world with light. / The CosmoPolis is a Lamp and Gear system specially made for outdoor lighting that sets new standards for low operating costs and high performance, fulfilling all requirements from the demanding public lighting applications.


With CosmoPolis, our cities are better, brighter, and safer places. / The warm white light brings color and vibrancy, while letting drivers and pedestrians see better and distinguish colors more clearly. CosmoPolis offers very high optical performances that maximize comfort and minimize maintenance costs.


The compact CosmoPolis system leaves an impressively small ecological footprint. / With an optimal lifespan, reduced packaging and transport volume, very low energy consumption, and requiring less servicing, CosmoPolis helps protect our environment and has been designated a Philips Green Flagship product.

Technical Information

For more information, please download the Technical Specifications below.



  • High system efficiency
  • Low energy consumption and cost of ownership
  • Best optical efficacy and greater pole spacing
  • Robust outdoor electronics for long and reliable operation
  • Minimized environmental impact
  • Warm white light and stable over life color quality