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Advantages of induction lamps and Smartseal optical system


features & benefits:

> Ultra-long life,up to 100,000 hours
> Low lightloss (low lumen depreciation)
> Low operating temperature
> High-frequency operation with no flickering, no stroboscopic effectand no noise
> Electronic control through an output-protected HF generator
> Instant(re)startwith lightavailable atonce
> Very good color rendition,which makes these lamps perfect when good color recognition is required

Induction lamp = 100,000 hrs
Metal Halide = 18,000 hrs


features & benefits:

> Maintains the photometric performance through time
> Internal components are protected from pollutants and dirt
> Tool free lamp removal
> Ingress protection of 66 (IP66)
> Requires little or no maintenance for up to 20 years

Maintains lumen levels
up to 20% more compared
to non-Sealsafe luminaires


the best of both worlds

Let Philips Lumec light your way. Extensive research and development have created the technology that will work best for you. By integrating induction lamps with Smartseal optics, Lumec is responding to your needs with durable,low-maintenance,high-performance luminaires. The darkness lifts!

Six Metal Halide lamp changes
are required as compared to one
life cycle Induction lamp