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Decorative Outdoor Lighting


Providing greater efficiency with an easy, stand-alone, dimming control. / In the face of modern challenges such as global warming and increasing energy costs, Philips Lumec is proud to offer a simple stand-alone solution to reduce the power consumption of outdoor LED luminaires in a variety of preset or custom scenarios, allowing cities and organizations to project a greener image and save energy while ensuring everyone’s security and creating an inviting nighttime environment.


Keeping light where and when it is needed. / The advanced photometric performance of our luminaires directs light where it is needed and the Dynadimmer will take care of the schedule. It is highly flexible and will adapt to any scenario, offering optimal light output during the entire night, whatever the need may be.

Making light comfortable and safe. / While LEDs are already known for their energy efficient white light, the Dynadimmer is a new way to save even more energy by simply lowering the output of a luminaire. The light will still be kept to a chosen safe and uniform level, providing a more comfortable environment when full output is not required. Dimming is carefully scheduled at levels that meet the IES requirements and can be brought back to full power at any time.


The Dynadimmer is made to answer the needs of the most common to the most specific applications. / When ordered, it is pre-programmed by Philips Lumec with scenarios that meet your geographic requirements, or it can come as a fully customizable unit. In both cases, it allows for secure and reliable light dimming in residential, roadway, parking and industrial applications.

Countless possibilities and continuous adaptability. / Simple PC-based and user-friendly software can be used to modify the schedules, and a sturdy handheld tool is available as an option to re-program your units on-site. If needed, the Dynadimmer can be ordered fully customizable to suit the needs of more specific applications. Dozens of different combinations are possible to optimize the use of light and to maximize nocturnal comfort in any given situation, at any time.

Technical Information

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  • Schedules and dimming optimized for safety and economy
  • Pre-programmed scenarios make the Dynadimmer a simple solution
  • Energy savings of up to 50% through dimming
  • Even more control over light for increased comfort
  • Easy-to-use software provides a forecast of energy savings
  • Projects a green and responsible image to citizens
  • Can be ordered completely customizable