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Editor's note

Dear readers,

Ah, it's that magical time of the year again, fall is here, and the nights are getting longer and longer with every passing day. Working in the outdoor lighting industry, this is a very fun time for us.

We love meeting new people and exchanging ideas about the issues that matter in our industry. We'd like to invite all our readers (at least those that'll be in the area!) to come and say hello at the ASLA Annual Meeting, October 3-7, booth 410 at the Pennsylvania convention centre in Philadelphia. We'd like to meet you in person! If you have questions about LED technology, sustainable design, general questions about outdoor lighting or photometrics, or just want a tour of who we are and what we do: it would be our pleasure to spend time with you!

In this issue we wanted to give our readers some updates on what's going on in the outdoor lighting field, as well as some social tools that could help you incorporate LED technology into your projects when faced with reticent opposition from public or private clients and industries. Take some time to find out how Leonis is doing (our state-of-the-art LED/HID luminaire). See what's up with our LED light engine, the LifeLEDT. And, finally, learn a little more about the current design trends in the outdoor lighting industry and about the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement.

If you have any comments or questions (any questions about outdoor lighting, not only about this newsletter), please don't hesitate letting us know. We'll do our best to answer! And, as always, we hope you enjoy reading our content as much as we enjoy writing it.

The Lumec Staff

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