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The LifeLEDT: A Multi-Product Technology

There is much buzz about Lumec's latest creation, the LifeLEDT: an LED device that can simply be inserted into an HID luminaire without the need to decrease pole spacing, or worry about sub-HID photometric performance. As with all LED technology the benefits to the environment are considerable:

30% - 50% energy savings

3 - 7 times longer lifespan

Considerably lower maintenance fees

Lowers carbon gas emissions

It's important to note that the LifeLEDT is not a luminaire. It's an LED light engine. What that means is that the LifeLEDT is what goes inside the luminaire, it's the element that gives off light. This means that contrary to the other manufacturers of LED products which offer only shoe-box designs (or slight variations based the concept of a rectangle), with the LifeLEDT you can chose what style, which pole, which dome - you chose all the elements that you need for your project's design - while at the same time taking advantage of all the benefits of LED technology.

At Lumec we have 7 different styles of luminaires, many of which are already incorporated into well known environments, that are now compatible with the LifeLEDT: from classically traditional designs to contemporary works of art. This offers project owners, cities, and private parties unprecedented freedom of design choice when it comes to benefiting from LED technology. Not to mention that if you already own one of these 7 styles of luminaires, you may simply retrofit them with the LifeLEDT and instantly profit from the advantages of LED technology without the need to change anything else.

With over a million different design combinations, the LifeLEDT offers extraordinary versatility and power while conforming to the design parameters that you chose for your project.

The LifeLEDT not just a breath of fresh air; it's a multi-product technology that breathes life into any project.

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