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Leonis: an HID/LED success story

Presented live for the first time anywhere, Leonis, with all the advantages that it brings to the industry, was an incredible success at the Boston AIA. Leonis was but a concept two and a half years ago and now, after countless hours of research, sweat, design and engineering, we can say with pride that it's revolutionizing the outdoor lighting industry.

Environmental responsible design

HID/LED interchangeable optics

Energy savings

Incredible photometric performance

State-of-the-art construction and design

Leonis, with it's interchangeable optics, was the first ever luminaire that offered the possibility of using standard HID light or an LED light engine. This technological accomplishment has received the highest praise in many news articles and trade publications. In fact, it was so well received that Lumec now offers this interchangeable HID/LED optical technology on 7 models of their luminaires.

Our continuous educational program was cited by LEDs Magazine's web exclusive: Architects benefit from professional education on LEDs.
"Architects were enlightened by input from the solid-state lighting community at their annual convention", writes Brian Owen. "Lumec released their new educational video on outdoor lighting systems, LED and their Leonis product. It is a very well done production and a good watch. Lumec has also solidified a relationship with the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) another body of architects with a primary focus on landscape planning including lighting. The landscape architect plays a major role in municipal street planning and Lumec is commended for this strategic relationship as well as making inroads with the US Council of Mayors."

You may view our Leonis presentation video on youtube, by clicking here. You may view the online brochure by clicking here, or you may get more details about our LED light engine, the LifeLEDT by clicking here

Take some time to learn about Leonis; as a landscape architect, a city official, or as anyone who is interested in environmentally responsible win-win technology, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Truly, Leonis is the first landmark of a new world.

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