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Editor's note

Welcome back readers.

This is the second edition of our newsletter and, thanks to you, we're proud to report an immense success on the first.

Your comments have been pouring in, and, although it's impossible for us address every query, we have found a large number of questions about the same subjects. Many of you are still asking about LED technology, therefore, in our quest to further transmit much needed information to those in the field, we are continuing our LED series in this issue as well, but this time we're getting more into the specifics of LED lifespan and how it affects the world around us.

The other subject that was greatly inquired upon was photometric measurement. Although not as complicated as it seems, this subject is still quite misunderstood. At Lumec, we've endeavored to give you as much information as possible about this matter without overloading you too much with technical terms. We're sure that once you read the article about photometry, you will have a solid basic grasp of the facts.

Lastly, but perhaps of most social import, is an article about Greenwashing: a heinous practice used by unethical companies to mislead the general public into thinking that their products are good for the environment when in reality they are not. Please take a look at this article because Greenwashing affects everyone, in every field, everywhere.

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With 93000 square feet of manufacturing space, 35 years of operating experience, and more than 240 employees, Lumec is now Canada's top designer and manufacturer of decorative and functional outdoor lighting products, both contemporary and traditional, as well as a major player in the United States. Our products can be found everywhere, from the Caribbean to Asia.


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