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The LifeLEDT: It's time for a change

Q:  What is a LED light engine?

A:  An LED light engine in a sum of parts that permit LEDs to be used as a light source in a luminaire.

LED technology has been advancing steadily over the last decade or so but it's not until recently that has it reached the point where it may be used efficiently as an outdoor light source. When we speak of LED technology we are not simply speaking of the light emitting diodes themselves but of all the other parts that make up the system.

At Lumec, we've developed a revolutionary LED light engine called the LifeLEDT.

The LifeLEDT is composed of five major components:

1. The light source. This is an array of 54 state-of-the-art LEDs.

2.The power driver. And advanced power source that feeds current to the LEDs.

3.The optics. Individually orientable prisms that control how the light is distributed on the ground.

4.The circuit board. And advanced heat resistant McPCB board.

5.The heat sink. An aluminum head diffuser used to siphon out the heat generated by the light engine.

LifeLEDT is the most advanced LED light engine for outdoor luminaires available on the market and it brings many advantages previously unheard of to the table.

Perhaps one of the most interesting attributes of the LifeLEDT is its capacity to be retrofitted into almost any Lumec luminaire. Thanks to the forward thinking design team at Lumec, who have planned for the eventual emergence of this technology, anyone who currently owns Lumec luminaires can potentially replace their current optical systems for the LifeLEDT and benefit from it's advantages. Unlike our competition, we do not offer only one model of LED luminaire, our LifeLEDT can currently be retrofitted into over 7 of our luminaires and that number is growing every day. From traditionally designed lanterns to the modern design of our newest product: Leonis.

Energy Savings
One of the major advantages of lighting with LEDs is the considerable reduction in energy usage. Depending on which type of lamp (HPS or MH) is replaced by the LifeLEDT, the energy savings can range from 30% to 50%.

Longer Lifespan
The LifeLEDT not only saves money of energy usage but it also lasts up to 6 times longer than HID light sources. Whereas metal halide is rated from 10,000 to 16,000 hours and high-pressure sodium around 24,000 thousand hours, the LifeLEDT lasts an incredible 70,000 hours before needing to be replaced.

Photometric Performance
The LifeLEDT has the best photometric performance of any LED product on the market. The prisms in its optical system cast light only where it's supposed to be cast, at the levels desired, and cause no light pollution. With the LifeLEDT, you'll also benefit from twice as wide pole spacing as any other LED product currently available.

Fully Mature Technology
With 30% to 50% energy savings over HID sources, a 70,000 hour lifespan, incredible photometric performance, and LifeLED'sT retrofitting potential, this technology can finally be considered mature. LED technology is here and it works better than anyone could have envisaged.

For more information about the LifeLEDT or for any questions about LED technology and its environmental benefits, please contact Lumec at your convenience.

Forward us your comments or questions at: lumec.suggestions@philips.com

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