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Leonis: Landmark of a new world

Leonis, Lumec's latest masterpiece, has finally arrived, and it's already making heads turn in more ways than one. Three aspects separate this technological marvel from the pack.


Environmental responsibility


Leonis is without doubt, one of the most beautiful outdoor luminaires available on the market today. Its shape gives any project an air of high-end performance and design. No square block here, no shoe box: Leonis is all sweeping curves. In fact, it was designed to take advantage of aerodynamics, exactly the same way as cars and airplanes do, to help cool the optional LED light engine, the LifeLEDT. Leonis was conceived to transcend fashion, to last, to be an example of beauty and sustainable design at its finest.

Leonis stands proud anywhere: the newest warrior in the fight against global warming. Made of high-end die cast aluminum and tempered thermoformed glass in order to stand the test of time for generations to enjoy. Equipped with the LifeLEDT engine, it uses anywhere between 30% and 50% less energy while delivering a photometric performance that rivals any other luminaire. The LifeLEDT lasts up to six times longer than HID lamps and contributes to a considerable reduction in maintenance needs. The lower maintenance needs contribute to 3 to 6 times less fleet travel, which reduces CO2 emissions and manpower hours, which in turn creates a cascade effect that brings us all closer to our environmentally responsible goal.

Intelligence is at the heart of this product. It was designed to be more than just the sum of its individual parts. It can function with either HID lamps or the LifeLEDT, it contributes to energy reduction, it was deigned to stand the test of time, and contribute to the global environmental good.

Leonis is the perfect example of Lumec's ecologically responsible philosophy:

  • Reduce Material Inputs

  • Reduce Maintenance costs

  • Reduce Energy Consumption

  • Reduce Light Pollution

  • Increase Light Efficiency

  • Increase Design Life

  • Increase Recyclability
  • No doubt about it, a technologically mature high-performance LED luminaire is finally available on the market. The waiting is at long last over.

    Evolved technology. Enduring design. Environmental responsibility.

    Leonis, Landmark of a new world.

    For more about the Leonis, please consult the Leonis section on the Lumec web site.

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