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Within IESNA

Many Lumec employees are active members of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America and take to heart the mission statement of that society: "The IESNA seeks to improve the lighted environment by bringing together those with ... more >>

LEDs: Why all the buzz?

Everyone is talking about LEDs for outdoor lighting applications, from architect cabinets to environmental planners. But what are the facts? LEDs bring several advantages to the lighting industry, ... more >>

Finally, a new classification for outdoor luminaires

Besides minor modifications and the addition of the "full cut-off" category (figure 1) in 1990, the same classification for outdoor luminaires has been employed since 1963 ... more >>

Launching Lumec3D

We know how important the decision making process is when you're selecting outdoor luminaires. In order to make your task easier, ... more >>

Editor's note

As a part of Lumec's efforts to make a continuous outreach to our counterparts, we have created The Focal Point. Sent to you three times a year, our goal is to improve the flow of information to those that work with outdoor lighting and to foster a sense of community amongst them.

In our newsletter, leaders in the field will learn about the latest technological and design breakthroughs. We'll include articles on the subjects that make all the difference to those who work in this field: specs, emerging technologies, art, green trends (LEED, L.E.D.'s, Darksky, and even turtle friendly beach lighting), standards, codes, norms and many other issues that concern us all.

Recently we have commissioned a research firm and discovered that 48% of professionals who work with outdoor lighting say that lack of clear information is the main hindrance to efficient product selection. In order to address this issue, we'll include a suggestion link so that you, the landscape architect, the artist, the designer, the engineer, the city official and the city planner, can inform us of your needs. Tell us what you would like more information about, and we'll make it happen in ways that will benefit everyone in the industry! You build the world; let us supply you with the means to find beautiful, durable, low-maintenance blocks that shine inspiration on everything they illuminate.

Please send suggestions to: lumec.suggestions@philips.com

Get to know Lumec

With 93000 square feet of manufacturing space, 35 years of operating experience, and more than 240 employees, Lumec is now Canada's top designer and manufacturer of decorative and functional outdoor lighting products, both contemporary and traditional, as well as a major player in the United States. Our products can be found everywhere, from the Caribbean to Asia.


CA Title 20 and Similar Legislation

We here at Lumec would like you to be aware of new legislation enacted in the states of California, Arizona, Oregon ... more >>

Fox report

Lumec: Part of a sustainable solution. See the Fox News report about cities going green, featuring Lumec products, by clicking here.

Experience Lumec3D

Create your own 3D luminaire assembly in just a few clicks! Try it.

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