1. 4 easy steps to use the Lumec3D.
  2. How to create a 3D luminaire assembly?
  3. How to create a presentation drawing of your luminaire from the 2D and 3D context?
  4. How to import your own background image in the 2D context?
  5. How to export your 3D luminaire assembly in a 3D file to be able to present it offline?
  6. How to visualize your luminaire assemblies in a 3D context?
  7. How to add one or more 3D luminaire assemblies in the 2D and 3D scene with the comparative mode?
  8. How to download the PDF brochure and the IES photometric file of the luminaire you selected?
  9. How to add variable height options such as a banner arm, a plant support, and a dublex receptacle?
1. 4 easy steps to use the Lumec 3D.
Choose a product category.
Create your luminaire by selecting the head, the pole, the bracket, the options and the color.
Import your luminaire in the 2D or 3D environment of your choice.
Save, send by email or print your 3D presentation drawing.