If you have encountered problems when opening the Lumec3D please follow these few short steps before re-opening the Lumec3D.

Easy steps to install Lumec3D
Open Internet Explorer.
Click on the "Tools" menu and select "Internet Options..."

In the "Security" tab, move the scroll bar to the "Medium" setting and click on the "Custom level..." button.

Make sure that you have the same settings illustrated below.

Click "OK" to confirm your settings and close Internet Explorer. Make sure all the Internet Explorer windows are closed.
Restart Internet Explorer and launch the Lumec3D.
If you notice a yellow bar at the top of your Internet Explorer window stating that the download is blocked, click on it and choose "Install ActiveX Control..."
You should now be able to try out the Lumec 3D experience.
If the Lumec 3D still does not work after these steps, reboot your computer and try again.
Please contact if you are still encountering problems opening the Lumec 3D.