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Our commitment to the environment

Green Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Being Ďgreení is about action not philosophy. Believing in Ďgreení sounds good but means very little to the environment. Measurable, environmentally measurable, actions are what define if a company is green, not their statements of belief that being green is good.

Our commitment to the environment is visible by the environmentally responsible actions that we take. Environmentally responsible actions that resulted in a 30% reduction in waste in only one year, environmentally responsible actions that make our products close to 100% recyclable, environmentally responsible actions that result in international accreditation from various organizations, environmentally responsible actions that take into account all internal procedures, all manufacturing techniques, all transportation methods, from how we communicate internally to where we buy our source materials from. Philips Lumec does more than state beliefs towards environmental responsibility; we proudly proclaim the success of our environmentally responsible actions.

Please take a few moments and read about our contribution to the environmental cause. At Philips Lumec we believe that progress and innovation in the field of environmentally responsible outdoor lighting plays an integral part in the solution to the global environmental crisis. The technology is here -technology that could reduce carbon dioxide emissions from electric power use for lighting by up to 50 percent in just over 20 years- but itís more than just about the technology, itís also about business mentality, and itís about vision.

Environmental Policy