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The benefits and advantages for our clients

Our luminaires are designed to last and to perform above expectations. The benefits of using Philips Lumecís luminaires are considerable on many levels.

Longer Life: Whether itís our wall scones, bollards, light columns, luminaires, or accessories, Philips Lumec products are tough and resistant to the elements. The durability of our products has environmental benefits as well as financial. Our luminaires will require less light source replacement and maintenance will be easier, the poles will require less maintenance, and that translates into financial savings because over the lifespan of the luminaires, less money will be needed to maintain our products. Since the maintenance fleet will be used less often, that translates into reduced citywide CO2 emissions and fuel usage.

  • Lowers citywide CO2 levels
  • Lowers pollution
  • Reduces lifecycle costs
  • Lowers maintenance costs
  • Lowers replacement part costs

Better Photometric Performance: Our state-of-the-art optics guarantee that no light is wasted illuminating anything that shouldnít be illuminated. Our luminaires conform to the highest standards of lighting, maximizing the reduction of nocturnal light pollution, glare, and light trespass, which means that each Watt of energy you use for lighting your project is actually spent lighting your project, and nothing else.


  • Lowers lighting costs
  • Allows for precisely targeted lighting areas
  • Reduces light pollution
  • Better lighting performance (glare, light trespass, e tc..)

LED compatibility: A wide selection of our luminaires can work with either HID or LED light sources. While we encourage the use of LED technology, we also understand the need for options. Once purchased and installed, a wide selection of our luminaires can be retrofitted with a LED light engine (The LifeLED) at the time of your choosing. These products are a perfect investment for the future. With our proprietary light stretching LED technology, you never have to worry about pole spacing and light output, when you are ready to make the switch from HID to LED lighting, itís as simple as swapping one light source for the other.


  • Safer and upgradeable investment
  • Allows for eventual switch to energy efficient LED lighting
  • HID luminaires take into account future LED infrastructure reality

LEED Credit 8 of The US Green Building Council LEED ) Rating System Version 2.1: With Philips Lumec luminaires it is possible to earn this credit. Our Full Cutoff luminaires eliminate uplight and can be precisely positioned and orientated. Using our luminaires it is possible for a project to achieve the 5 criteria set forth for this credit:

  • Meet or provide lower light levels and uniformity ratios than those recommended by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America(IESNA) Recommended Practice Manual: Lighting for Exterior Environments (RP-33-99).
  • Design exterior lighting such that all exterior luminaires with more than 1000 initial lamp lumens are shielded and all luminaires with more than 3500 initial lamp lumens meet the Full Cutoff IESNA Classification.
  • (Although not applicable for us - the credit is for a project, not a product - this criteria still needs to be fulfilled) The maximum candela value of all interior lighting shall fall within the building (not out through windows).
  • The maximum candela value of all exterior lighting shall fall within the property.
  • Any luminaire within a distance of 2.5 times its mounting height from the property boundary shall have shielding such that no light or brightness from that luminaire crosses the property boundary.


  • Helps make the planet a greener place to live!