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Corporate Message

Decorative Outdoor Lighting

Philips Lumec is a recognized leader in high-end environmentally sustainable decorative outdoor lighting.

We understand that light is an essential part of our lives and that it illuminates our environment. It provides safety and security; it lends atmosphere and style; it symbolizes warmth and clarity. We are committed to making high-quality, sustainable and dependable outdoor lighting products that stand the test of time, lighting products that create warm and inviting environments, and that live in harmony with their surroundings.

Since 1972, Philips Lumec has been committed to anticipating and satisfying the lighting needs of highly specialized industries. Our focus is on developing solutions that respond to those needs. This visionary approach has made Philips Lumec one of the most respected partners in outdoor lighting in North America. We do our own R&D and we manufacture our products in-house, this assures that each Philips Lumec luminaire is built to the highest standards using only the best technology and methods. We dynamically practice the arts of sustainable design and the science of smart engineering in order to provide our clients with the best lighting products in world. Philips Lumec actively forges partnerships within the industry in order to engineer lighting solutions that are flexible, environmentally responsible, adaptable, and truly inspired.

We are proud of our company’s reputation. Our 250 employees are dedicated to raising the standards of quality in the outdoor lighting industry. We apply the most stringent principles of professionalism and integrity to every aspect of our operations. Philips Lumec is committed to using its creativity and expertise to achieve results, to introduce innovative products, expand our activities, develop new markets, and generate shareholder value. At Philips Lumec, we channel our passion for light and the environment into growth and responsibility.