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September 9th, 2009


MONTREAL, QC – After years of R&D, Philips Lumec, in line with its environmentally responsible mission, unveiled its newest product, the RoadStar™, a state-of-the-art LED luminaire designed specifically for large area, street, and roadway lighting applications. The RoadStar™ has the potential to reduce by 50% the amount of electricity a city/state/country uses for street and roadway lighting.

Philips Lumec has successfully designed and implemented solid state lighting solutions for projects in North America. The new RoadStarTM luminaire uses the efficient and reliable LUXEON® Rebel power LEDs ensuring a high quality long-lasting solution that can deliver the expected energy and ownership cost savings.

Philips Lumec addressed the main concerns of various Departments of Transportation, landscape architects, and municipal engineers when designing its latest product. This luminaire saves approximately 50% on energy consumption compared with traditional HID CobraHeads, is the most affordable in its category, and it requires no special tooling to install or maintain.

The RoadStar™ LED luminaire brings to the table major social benefits, and in its industry, it’s the first of its kind. Besides its myriad benefits, it has the ability to replace existing energy hungry HID (High Intensity Discharge) CobraHead lighting fixtures without the need to change a city’s lighting infrastructure. Installers simply swap one for the other and instantly reap the benefits of this sustainable technology.

Philips Lumec’s patented LED technology provides over 70,000 hours of operational life and the RoadStar™ also contributes to the environmental cause by considerably reducing the need to constantly replace burnt out lamps. This reduces the need to deploy maintenance trucks and personnel by up to 7 times, saving any city money, and lowering their carbon emissions at the same time.

“Besides the performance of the RoadStar™, two other things distinguish it from the competition: its pricing and its design,” mentioned Denis Lavoie, engineer, and VP of marketing and sales for Philips Lumec. “We knew that for this to be a viable solution both environmentally and energy wise, its design had to appeal to our potential clients and it had to be appropriately priced for roadway applications.”

The RoadStar will be launched simultaneously on September 13th 2009; in the U.S, at the APWA's 2009 International Public Works Congress and Exposition in Columbus, OH, and in Canada at the AIMQ (Association des Ingénieurs Municipaux du Québec/Municipal Engineers Association of Quebec) in Trois-Rivières.