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Lighting Product Guide 2009-2010

Lighting Product Guide 2009-2010

Philips Lumec introduces its new catalog, the Lighting Product Guide 2009-2010, which includes 8 completely redesigned sections, more than 270 pages of information, plus a summary of technical information. We eliminated the binder in order to offer a reference tool that is more compact, light, with more photos, and that cares about the environment.

Our choice to use 100% recycled paper for this catalog is an example of the actions that Philips Lumec has undertaken in the scope of its dedication towards sustainable development.

To add to this effort, we invite you to dismantle your old Philips Lumec binder in an ecological way:

Above all: We invite you to recycle your binder and use it to file other documents.


  • Remove the plastic separators and put them in your recycling bin.
  • Put the old Philips Lumec brochures in your recycling bin. Please note the following brochures introduce our most recent products. Why not use them as hand-outs in your upcoming trade shows? Oval Series, Leonis Series, Capella Series and Serenade DSX Series
  • Remove the device with the metal rings and put it in your recycling bin.
  • Put the binder in your recycling bin.
  • This will make space for the new Lighting Product Guide 2009-2010.

For additional copies, place your order for the new guide via our Website.