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June 16, 2011

Sharing the knowledge


«Knowing is half the battle» and «Information is power». You’ve probably heard these expressions a thousand times. These expressions are closely related and practically mean the same thing. And if we apply them specifically to the lighting industry here is what they mean: the more we know, the better it is for ourselves, our community, our industry and the world, because we can push the limits and integrate innovations into our products that everybody can benefit from.

But let’s not forget the sharing of knowledge, which is also an important part of the evolution of society. The more a society is informed, the more individuals are aware of what is happening around them and also of what is available to them. This logical process provides them the tools they need in order to make the best decisions for them. As much as our products are good, even as good or better than some of our competitors, they may never be chosen if the right information is not properly conveyed. As lighting professionals, in order to have a positive impact on this world, we first need to be able to supply our products. Those decisions lie in the hands of many people in a long chain of decisions, but at the end of that line, we cannot forget that it is the citizens like you and I that will benefit from them. It may be a naive thought in an idealistic vision, but they have the ultimate choice by letting their voice be heard. With all the social medias that exist, as well as all the interactions with the city that need to be considered, this is becoming more and more possible and common.

To this end, they need to be informed, as well as everyone else along that long chain. There are many companies and sites that do provide information, but is it the right information?

In my search to help you find the best information about lighting, I have surfed the web and found a few websites that offer factual, intelligent and honest information concerning the lighting industry and lighting products. However, I am not guaranteeing everything on these websites. So have a look and gather information about the lights that are in our lives.  In the end, you will undoubtedly be able to make even better decisions.

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