Philips AUTHOR: Philips | CATEGORY: Showcase

February 25, 2015

Philips LEDs installed in Costa Cruises’ ships meet new sustainability goals


Philips has completed the upgrade of 10 ships for Europe’s leading holiday cruise company, Costa Cruises. More than 300,000 Philips LED lights have been installed to enable a 60% reduction in the energy used to power each ship’s lighting.[...]

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Philips AUTHOR: Philips | CATEGORY: Led

February 24, 2015

Philips Lightolier extends its LED downlight line-up with our new LyteCaster LED Downlight


LED technologies continue to transform the entire lighting industry, and downlighting is no exception. In fact, downlighting was one of the first lighting applications to commercially embrace LED, with its long lifetimes, robust efficiency, sustainability and low energy costs. Now, Philips Lightolier has made it even easier for you to specify LED downlights without investing considerable time or compromising your expectations.[...]

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Monique Cousineau AUTHOR: Monique Cousineau | CATEGORY: Led

February 23, 2015

LEDs hit the ski slopes in France


Last week to celebrate its 50th anniversary, the famous ski resort, Les Menuires, in the French Alps in the Savoie region of France, organized a special light show where LED lighting and video mapping were part of the festivities.[...]

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Philips Color Kinetics AUTHOR: Philips Color Kinetics | CATEGORY: Showcase

February 19, 2015

Big Four Bridge Shines a Light on Louisville Waterfront Revitalization Efforts with LED Lighting from Philips


At a recent special ceremony on The Big Four Bridge, Louisville, Ky. Mayor Greg Fischer flipped the switch to reveal a new LED lighting system from Philips. The new dynamic color-changing lighting system, a shining example of public-private partnership, transforms the popular daytime destination into a lively nighttime art piece and backdrop for waterfront events. The project delivers on Mayor Fischer’s six-year plan to create a clean, green, inclusive environment through the use of innovative, energy-efficient LED technology.[...]

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Philips AUTHOR: Philips | CATEGORY: Product-info

February 17, 2015

Philips Horticulture LED Solutions: New GreenPower LED production module for multilayer applications


In horticulture, LED lighting is most effective when the spectrum and level of the light are exactly tuned to the particular crop and growing conditions. To this end, Philips has carried out over 1,000 projects around the world to determine the optimum spectrum and light level for multilayer production. The results of these projects have enabled Philips to develop and refine the GreenPower LED production module.[...]

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