Brian-Vedder AUTHOR: Brian-Vedder | CATEGORY: Led

August 27, 2015

Philips LED Lamps for Everyday Use


Philips Lighting has come up with a product line that is targeted around a low cost replacement for halogen, CFL and incandescent lamps.[...]

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Philips AUTHOR: Philips | CATEGORY: Showcase

August 26, 2015

Paul Mercier – Integrating creativity within the science of illumination


Paul Mercier is heavily involved in the lighting industry. As the principal and founder of Lighting Design Innovations, with offices in Calgary, Alberta and Batavia, New York, recent textbook author, various industry association memberships and certifications, adjunct teaching positions in the US and Canada, and significant IES (Illuminating Engineering Society – involvement, including the recent conclusion of his term as President of the society, his passion for lighting clearly shines.[...]

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Monique Cousineau AUTHOR: Monique Cousineau | CATEGORY: Showcase

August 20, 2015

Light in the Garden: The emotional side of light by Bruce Munro


Light in the Garden at the Atlanta Botanical Garden is British artist Bruce Munro’s sixth solo US exhibition. All summer long visitors can wander the paths throughout one of America’s most famous gardens to experience six immersive large-scale light-based installations created from hundreds of miles of optic fiber.[...]

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Philips AUTHOR: Philips | CATEGORY: Showcase

August 18, 2015

A brighter office for Emerson in Dubai, UAE


Wael Ayyoub, Senior Project Manager at the diversified global manufacturing company Emerson, is delighted with the reaction from employees and staff in the company’s two new buildings forming part of its regional headquarters in Dubai. These two and three story buildings in Jebel Ali are a clever combination of natural light, forward-thinking lighting design and a strong environmentally-focused approach. “Something that reflects Emerson as well as being economical, with minimal negative impact on the environment.” says Wael.[...]

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Monique Cousineau AUTHOR: Monique Cousineau | CATEGORY: Showcase

August 13, 2015

Looking skyward for optimism with illuminated aerial sculptures


This summer, many cities in North America are bringing innovative and contemporary art to their city through free, temporary exhibitions engaging people in meaningful experiences, interactions and dialogue. The work of one artist in particular seems to resonate with three major North American cities as they have selected the illuminated aerial sculptures of Janet Echelman.[...]

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