Monique Cousineau AUTHOR: Monique Cousineau | CATEGORY: Showcase

May 21, 2015

Philips Lighting’s Top 5 Most Popular Products at Lightfair 2015


Lightfair has come and gone but what a fantastic show it was at the Javits Center in NYC. Philips’ presence at Lightfair 2015 emphasized our focus on how light touches people. Philips is concerned about human dynamics and the role lighting plays in all stages of their lives.For the people who couldn’t attend Lightfair this year and the ones who would like to take a second look, here is a recap highlighting some of Philips Lighting’s most popular products at LFI 2015 with visitors comments and most asked questions.[...]

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Philips AUTHOR: Philips | CATEGORY: Led

May 20, 2015

Conveniently transform a space: Evokit LED Retrofit Kit


There is an estimated 5,000,000 buildings in the US that mostly employ inefficient lighting as compared to today’s standards. Also, there is a strong trend towards controlled lighting, either due to building codes or demands for greater user comfort. More and more people have been asking what the best way is to update all of that lighting to the latest technology concerning lighting and controls. Philips Evokit is a prefect product to get you to where you want to be.[...]

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Philips AUTHOR: Philips | CATEGORY: Innovation

May 14, 2015

Fashion and retail lighting defined


In a single generation, retailers have seen their industry change completely. Globalizing competition has opened up markets like never before. As a result of the Internet and mobile revolutions, you can carry a department store in your back pocket. And to top it off, the worldwide economic crisis has made consumers increasingly cautious about how they spend their money.[...]

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Philips AUTHOR: Philips | CATEGORY: Innovation

May 12, 2015

ActiveSite: Experience the beauty and ease of remotely monitoring and managing architectural LED lighting installations


Imagine if there were a way to check the status and operations of dynamic architectural LED installations — instantly, wherever you are and whenever you want. Imagine if you could update light shows and effects remotely and instantaneously, keeping your brand relevant and fresh. Imagine if you could pinpoint and accurately diagnose system issues through the cloud, with no system downtime or manual inspections.[...]

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Philips Color Kinetics AUTHOR: Philips Color Kinetics | CATEGORY: Led

April 30, 2015

The blueprint to a solar future according to Harry Verhaar


Imagine a future where our homes, businesses, and cities are powered completely by the most abundant and unlimited energy resource on earth: the sun. Harry Verhaar, the Philips Lighting head of global public and government affairs, is doing just that by creating a blueprint for a future lit by solar-powered, energy-efficient lights.[...]

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