Monique Cousineau AUTHOR: Monique Cousineau | CATEGORY: Innovation

April 23, 2015

Interview with 2nd Prize Winner of CLUE 01 Competition


Dancing on the clouds, brought to us by Mr. Hyunje Joo, originally from Korea and now studying in Germany, was awarded second prize for his project that actively engages its environment by changing shapes with the climate and the people around. It was deemed by our jury as being very poetic and it helps in bringing people together. There is an interesting relationship between the object and the user. It is a very good interface between the sky and the ground.[...]

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Philips AUTHOR: Philips | CATEGORY: Led

April 22, 2015

Philips helps you upgrade to LED lighting to save energy and lower electrical bills


On Earth Day as the world focuses on the importance of climate protection and becoming more environmentally aware in general Philips remains committed to providing lighting solutions that improve people’s lives and are environmentally sound. At Philips we know that energy-efficient lighting technologies can deliver realistic savings of 40%+ globally. [...]

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Philips AUTHOR: Philips | CATEGORY: Led

April 21, 2015

Philips sets new standard for 60-watt LED pricing with bulb under $5 for Earth Day


No rebate? No problem – With limited-time, two-for-one offer, shatter-resistant Philips LED allows consumers to enjoy energy savings of LED technology without utility rebates

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Philips Color Kinetics AUTHOR: Philips Color Kinetics | CATEGORY: Showcase

April 16, 2015

Philips Illuminates New York City


The lighting industry’s best and brightest products will be on display at Lightfair International (LFI), the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show. Held in New York City May 3 ‒ 7, LFI will be a hub of innovation and creativity. Numerous Philips Lighting products will be on display at booth #1207, but taking a walk around the city can be an even better way to see Philips Lighting products in action.[...]

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Philips AUTHOR: Philips | CATEGORY: Innovation

April 15, 2015

Adaptive lighting for indoor applications


In today’s world, people spend much of their time indoors. Be it at home or at work, out shopping or in a restaurant – the light that surrounds us affects our mood and every aspect of our daily experience. In interior spaces, the lighting has to be flexible and highly customizable to accommodate for changes in the time of day, the seasons and on-site activities.[...]

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